Aluminium Jon

aluminium jon find a dealer QWEST Marine > aluminum jon boat The aluminum jon boat is a flat-bottomed boat that provides a shallow draft. This makes the boat ideal for shallow waters. You can again enjoy one of the adventure trips or for fishing. The flat bottom is made of 2 mm thick aluminum. This […]

Aluminium Sloop S

aluminium sloop S find a dealer QWEST Marine > aluminium sloop s The Aluminum Sloop S is QWEST Marine’s new aluminum sloop. This sloop is made in our own workshop, which involves a lot of skill. The boat has a generous 4 millimeter hull thickness, which gives the sloop an extra touch of luxury. It […]

Aluminium Sloop R

aluminium sloop R find a dealer QWEST Marine > aluminium sloop R The Aluminum Sloop R is a sloop from the more luxurious series of our range. In fact, they are double-walled and self-draining. Rainwater is easily drained without the need for a bilge pump. The sloops feature a clean, checkered floor, which makes for […]